Mental Health

My parents blessed me with good looks, intelligence, searing wit, modesty…and a slightly misfiring brain. I was officially diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in 2012, though I’d been having symptoms as early as 1991, when I was ten years old. My battle with OCD’s made me into a mental health advocate, and in February 2013 I became Calgary’s Community Correspondent for a national organization called Partners for Mental Health. I blogged about Partners for Mental Health and its campaigns until it was assimilated into two other organizations in late 2017. I continue to blog about my journey to conquer OCD.

One thought on “Mental Health

  1. I’ve had PTSD since a head injury in 1989. It escalated after my accident on a Calgary Hwy last year while helping during the flood. It can be a struggled not getting fixated on things, things people say, like negative comments, tasks I’m doing, like writing, researching etc. I’ve always been a little different than others, the way I think, view things and view other people because of my PTSD. I told very few people in High school about my illness because I was raised to unintentionally think it made me a freak, damaged, wired wrong, retarded or crazy. It made me feel misunderstood, very lonely, shy, like I was a loser, I had to hide and guard my secret and felt pretty worthless at times. I’ve since learned a lot more about my condition and now know why I behaved the way I did at times. I no longer hide that I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, in fact a lot of people now know.

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