36 for 36 at the Turn

I had my official unbirthday last week, which means I’m half-done being 36. That means it’s time for the big, official 36 for 36 update. Here goes!

First, here are the things I’ve completed:

  • I kept score at a baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and the Baltimore Orioles on September 11 at Comerica Park. Buck Showalter used Zach Britton in this one.
  • I saw a football game at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, though part of me wishes I’d picked a different game/team, period. (At least the Vikings scored an offensive touchdown; in fact, they scored two. Incredibly–or perhaps not so incredibly, since Vikings–they hadn’t scored one the previous three times I’d seen them.)
  • I listened to the Tragically Hip song “Bobcaygeon” in Bobcaygeon, Ontario on my way to see the band in Kingston on August 20.
  • I’ve hunted down a live recording of Stratford’s production of Tommy. Bri Monster suggested contacting the Stratford Festival’s archives; my copy can’t actually leave the archives, but I can go to Stratford to watch it to my heart’s content which, you can reasonably assume, I’ll be doing frequently.
  • Sam and I went to the Shaw Festival in October. We saw their production of Sweeney Todd, which was superb.
  • We also saw a movie at the Toronto International Film Festival: The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé!: A Trip Across Latin America. Alas, we weren’t at the screening where Keith Richards and Ron Wood showed up.
  • I watched Frozen, which was great. Up to three bonus points are still up for grabs if I re-watch it with my friends Jon and Lindsay’s kids, two of whom might literally think they’re Elsa and Anna.
  • I got a new putter for Christmas.

Here are the things that are in progress or that have completion dates:

  • Sam and I are seeing Hamilton in New York on April 29.
  • I’ve begun reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. It’s a doorstopper-of-a-book. Right now I’m on page 65 of 731.
  • I’m on track to read 35 other books. As for Lord of the Rings, which I began reading for 35 for 35 but didn’t complete: I put a bit of a dent in it on the Inca Trail and I’m hoping to put in an even bigger one when I spend 40 hours in the air in mid-March. Track my progress!
  • I’m still on track to be debt-free on August 16, 2017, although whether or not I succeed will depend largely on how planning for mine and Sam’s forthcoming nuptials evolves.
  • Kevin du Manoir, Jon Thompson, and I will be crossing the finish line of the Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer on June 11. We’re also working (together with our fourth teammate Heather Gardiner) to raise $10,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Click here to donate!
  • I’m running pain-free for the first time since 2013…and I’ll be running a race, the Sporting Life 10k, on Sunday, May 14. It’ll be my first in almost exactly five years.
  • My friend Jen and I have penciled in a ski date for March 12. It won’t be at Sunshine Village, unfortunately; “ski the Rockies” will be a 37 for 37 item.
  • I’m planning to see a San Francisco Giants game in late June or early July. Or early May, should circumstances dictate.
  • I’m planning to see Marco Estrada pitch in April. This item was a late addition to 36 for 36: bizarrely, I haven’t seen Estrada pitch yet as a Blue Jay.
  • I’d planned on entering the ticket lottery for Super Bowl 52 the day after Super Bowl 51; then I discovered it’d cost $26 to send my entry via registered mail as per NFL requirements. So instead I’ll send it from the States when we’re there in late April.
  • I think I’m doing an okay job of exploring Toronto
  • I’ve seen 5/6 Wes Anderson directed movies. All that’s left to watch is Fantastic Mr. Fox.
  • Sam’s seen 1/3 of the original Star Wars trilogy. She didn’t fall asleep and claims she liked A New Hope more than the first time she allegedly watched it. (Sam can’t make up her mind whether she’s seen the original trilogy or not, hence this item’s inclusion.)
  • I’ve taken one cooking course…and it involved learning how to use knives, so I get a bonus point for this one.
  • I’m working on volunteering at the Hospital for Sick Children.
  • I think I’m doing an okay job of growing as a leader

And here are the things I’m working on. Feel like helping me out? Drop me a comment!

  • Visit Cooperstown
  • Watch a hockey game at Ted Reeve Arena
  • Skate at Mattamy Athletic Centre, a.k.a. Maple Leaf Gardens (I’d planned on doing that this weekend, but then I wrenched my back to the point where getting off the couch is difficult)
  • Go canoeing in Algonquin Park so we can chase Tom Thomson’s ghost
  • Advocate passionately for mental health on behalf of Partners for Mental Health and Michael Landsberg’s #sicknotweak project
  • Join the November Project Toronto tribe
  • Climb outdoors
  • Get PADI certified
  • Create a podcast
  • Jam with Brian Bevilacqua
  • Begin creating something – a book, a play, anything – that’ll impact one person as much as Tommy has impacted me

Six months to go. Let’s do this!


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