Token 36-for-36 Update

It’s still November–barely–and you know what that means: time for a token 36-for-36 update so I can still say I’ve written at least one entry every single month since starting Stuff and Nonsense in September 2004! The list is still progressing nicely. This month I checked off a couple more items:

  • I saw a football game at U.S. Bank Stadium, new home to the Minnesota Vikings. As I remarked at the time: “It takes an awful lot to shut me up, but this place pretty much has me speechless.” And it did; it’s a spectacular facility in its own right, but when you consider it’s on the exact same spot as the H.H.H. Metrodome it’s almost hard to fathom how good it is. It’s a shame the Vikings’ secondary didn’t. The game itself was almost good…and then the Vikings put out a prevent defense with :23 left in the fourth quarter, and as a wise football man once said, the only thing that does is prevent victories.
  • I watched FrozenLET IT GO…LET IT GOOOOO!!!!! There: now it’s in your head, too.

The list itself is still evolving. The meal at Alo got axed; I subbed in a new item (see Marco Estrada pitch, which I somehow haven’t managed to do once during his two seasons in Toronto), but a few of the other items are still being evaluated. One that’s not, however, is buying a new putter. I’ll tell that story next time.


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