36-for-36 Update

36-for-36 has been live for almost a month, and already I’m two-and-a-half items to the good (which, if you do the math, is pretty much where I should be). First, the visual evidence for the two:

  • On August 20 I drove from Toronto to Bobcaygeon, pulled over in front of the town sign, and listened to the Tragically Hip song “Bobcaygeon.” Then I drove to Kingston and saw the band that night. (I promise I’ll write about it: I’m still struggling to articulate what that show meant to me. It’ll come.)


  • Yesterday Sam and I went to Detroit for the Tigers/Orioles game, and for the first time ever I kept score. If, like Sam, you’re wondering what that means, here’s an article by Jim Caple explaining the art of baseball scorekeeping.


The half: tonight I’m taking a cooking class at the Depanneur,which is one of mine and Sam’s favourite spots. It’s called “Intro to Knife Skills,” which means I’m getting a bonus point after taking another cooking class later on. (I’m still soliciting ideas for that one, by the way–hit me up if you’ve got one!)


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