36 for 36

“…there’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait – just you wait” – Lin-Manuel Miranda, from Hamilton

The List

  1. See Hamilton [going April 29!]
  2. Read Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
  3. Read 34 additional books (track my progress!)
  4. Complete the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I started reading as part of 35 for 35 but didn’t finish

(And speaking of unfinished business…)

  1. Be debt-free on August 16, 2017
  2. Together with Kevin du Manoir and Jon Thompson…
    1. Cross the finish line of the Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer [registered!]
    2. Raise $10,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  3. Run a race, preferably one that raises money for/awareness of a mental health-related cause
  4. Ski; bonus point if I ski Renegade at Sunshine Village where, the last time I skied, this happened
  5. Visit Cooperstown

(There! Moving on.)

  1. See a San Francisco Giants game (note: doesn’t actually have to be in San Francisco)
  2. See Marco Estrada pitch
  3. Score a baseball game
  4. See a football game at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis
  5. Enter the ticket lottery for Super Bowl 52
  6. Watch a hockey game at Ted Reeve Arena
  7. Skate at Mattamy Athletic Centre, a.k.a. Maple Leaf Gardens 
  8. Go canoeing in Algonquin Park; bonus point if it’s on Canoe Lake, where Tom Thomson disappeared in 1917
  9. Listen to the Tragically Hip song “Bobcaygeon” in Bobcaygeon, Ontario
  10. Hunt down a live recording (audio or video) of Stratford’s production of Tommy
  11. Go to the Shaw Festival
  12. Explore Toronto
  13. See a movie at the Toronto International Film Festival
  14. Watch Frozen ✓ (and up to three bonus points still available if I re-watch it with my friends Jon and Lindsay’s kids!) 
  15. Show Sam the original Star Wars trilogy…
  16. …and as a peace offering for #22 watch all the Wes Anderson directed movies I haven’t seen
  17. Take two cooking classes; bonus point if either of them involve learning how to use knives (it’s an OCD thing) ★
  18. Advocate passionately for mental health on behalf of Partners for Mental Health and Michael Landsberg’s #sicknotweak project
  19. Volunteer at the Hospital for Sick Children
  20. Join the November Project Toronto tribe
  21. Get PADI certified
  22. Buy a new putter
  23. Jam with Brian Bevilacqua
  24. Create a podcast

And Above All…

  1. Grow as a leader
  2. Begin creating something – a book, a play, anything – that’ll impact one person as much as Tommy has impacted me
  3. Blow being 36 away

(★ – bonus points)

(Updated March 5, 2017)


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