36 for 36

“…there’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait – just you wait” – Lin-Manuel Miranda, from Hamilton

The List

  1. See Hamilton
  2. Read Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
  3. Read 34 additional books (track my progress!)
  4. Complete the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I started reading as part of 35 for 35 but didn’t finish

(And speaking of unfinished business…)

  1. Be debt-free on August 16, 2017
  2. Together with Kevin du Manoir and Jon Thompson…
    1. Cross the finish line of the Ontario Ride to Conquer Cancer
    2. Raise $10,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  3. Run a race, preferably one that raises money for/awareness of a mental health-related cause 
  4. Ski; bonus point if I ski Renegade at Sunshine Village where, the last time I skied, this happened
  5. Visit Cooperstown

(There! Moving on.)

  1. See a San Francisco Giants game (note: doesn’t actually have to be in San Francisco)
  2. See Marco Estrada pitch
  3. Score a baseball game
  4. See a football game at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis
  5. Enter the ticket lottery for Super Bowl 52
  6. Watch a hockey game at Ted Reeve Arena
  7. Skate at Mattamy Athletic Centre, a.k.a. Maple Leaf Gardens 
  8. Go canoeing in Algonquin Park; bonus point if it’s on Canoe Lake, where Tom Thomson disappeared in 1917
  9. Listen to the Tragically Hip song “Bobcaygeon” in Bobcaygeon, Ontario
  10. Hunt down a live recording (audio or video) of Stratford’s production of Tommy
  11. Go to the Shaw Festival
  12. Explore Toronto
  13. See a movie at the Toronto International Film Festival
  14. Watch Frozen ✓ (and up to three bonus points still available if I re-watch it with my friends Jon and Lindsay’s kids!) 
  15. Show Sam the original Star Wars trilogy…
  16. …and as a peace offering for #22 watch all the Wes Anderson directed movies I haven’t seen
  17. Take two cooking classes; bonus point if either of them involve learning how to use knives (it’s an OCD thing) ★★ (two bonus points, because I took two knife skills classes!)
  18. Advocate passionately for mental health on behalf of Partners for Mental Health and Michael Landsberg’s #sicknotweak project
  19. Volunteer at the Hospital for Sick Children
  20. Join the November Project Toronto tribe
  21. Get PADI certified
  22. Buy a new putter
  23. Jam with Brian Bevilacqua
  24. Create a podcast

And Above All…

  1. Grow as a leader
  2. Begin creating something – a book, a play, anything – that’ll impact one person as much as Tommy has impacted me
  3. Blow being 36 away

(★ – bonus points)

(Updated August 11, 2017)


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