That (Second) Night in Toronto

As a music fan, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to experience a night like this. I say that unreservedly and unabashedly, 30 songs into my Tragically Hip concert career.

Welcome to the pantheon, Toronto #2.


  • Courage
  • Locked in the Trunk of a Car (!)
  • Eldorado
  • At the Hundredth Meridian
  • In a World Possessed By the Human Mind
  • In Sarnia
  • What Blue
  • Machine
  • The Dire Wolf (!!!)
  • Use It Up (I hadn’t heard this live since 2002!)
  • It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken
  • Throwing Off Glass
  • Grace, Too
  • Greasy Jungle (whither La Gusenza?)
  • Scared
  • Nautical Disaster
  • Membership (white whale alert!)
  • Bobcaygeon
  • Something On
  • Fireworks

1st Encore:

  • New Orleans is Sinking (this, incredibly, was my first time hearing “New Orleans is Sinking” in five shows; Sam, meanwhile, despite having heard “Tired as Fuck” live,” has never heard what’s arguably the Hip’s biggest hit)
  • Boots or Hearts
  • Blow at High Dough (everyone on their feet)

2nd Encore:

  • Gift Shop
  • Ahead by a Century (again, everyone on their feet screaming every single word)

One more night in Toronto to come. Then one night in Kingston.


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