Frozen in Their Tracks

Be warned: you’re about to be inundated by Tragically Hip blog entries. Some of them will be lists that almost no one will care about; those who do, though, might care quite a lot. This is one such list: the Hip songs I’ve heard live one time and one time only. By my count (excluding covers, and with three shows left to see on the Man Machine Poem tour) there are 27 of them.

  • From the EP/Trouble at the Henhouse: 0
  • From Up to Here: Opiated
  • From Road Apples: The Luxury
  • From Fully Completely: Pigeon Camera
  • From Day for Night: Scared, Thugs (argh), Yawning or Snarling
  • From Phantom Power: Save the Planet, Thompson Girl, Membership
  • From Music at Work: Freak Turbulence, Wild Mountain Honey, Sharks, The Completists, Train Overnight
  • From In Violet Light: All Tore Up, A Beautiful Thing
  • From In Between Evolution: One Night in Copenhagen, The Heart of the Melt, Are We Family
  • From World Container: Last Night I Dreamed You Didn’t Love Me
  • From We Are the Same: Now the Struggle Has a Name, Frozen in My Tracks
  • From Now for Plan A: Goodnight Attiwapiskat, Take Forever
  • From Man Machine Poem: Tired as Fuck, In Sarnia
  • From Yer Favourites: No Threat

Couple observations:

  • I’ve never heard a song from the EP. This does not at all make me unique.
  • The five Music at Work songs I’ve only heard once were all played at one of my first two Tragically Hip concerts.
  • So far this tour I’ve got eleven songs I’d never heard before; I’ve already got four of them a second time, including “So Hard Done By”

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