This Life

I got back from my ’round-the-world adventure almost two weeks ago. The last flight, from Hong Kong to Toronto, lasted fifteen hours; that’s not including the hour we spent on the ground in Hong Kong because, according to the pilot, we were twenty-third in line to be pushed back. Long flights–and that’s the longest one I’ve ever taken; in fact, it’s only a couple hours shorter than the current longest commercial flight on earth–eventually assume a weird kind of normalcy, as though you’ve simply shifted your entire existence to the inside of an airplane. Which, if you’re a recruiter, you kind of have anyway.

So: I landed in Toronto, went home, ordered sushi, watched the end of the baseball game, went to bed, and slept through the night–which was a major victory in and of itself. The next night, in order to keep forcing myself back onto Eastern time, I went to the baseball game and managed to stay till the end (Jays 4, Yankees 2, Donaldson and Tulowitski HRs). Then I went home, got into bed…and lay there wide awake, eventually passing out somewhere around five in the morning. I was actually planning on working that day; instead I spent it in a state of existence that might be best described as “coming off anesthetics.” I still can’t really sleep on planes, although I managed to catch few hours on that Hong Kong flight. Jetlag doesn’t really care about sleep patters anyway–but if you’re flying around the world in less than a week and spending two of seven nights on board an aircraft you’re probably headed for a few rough days.

Or weeks, as it were: I didn’t start feeling normal till Saturday. Once sleep goes, so do exercise and healthy eating, and while I’m eating a bit better lately my exercise regime’s fallen a bit by the wayside. There’s no magic formula for getting over jetlag; inevitably, ironically, exercise is part of the solution, and that, along with the Ride to Conquer Cancer looming off in the distance, should be enough to spur me on. Thankfully, this was my final work trip of the year. I’m going to Nashville this weekend and Ottawa the weekend after that, but otherwise I’ll be mostly sticking around Toronto this summer. By the end of it I’ll be champing at the bit to get back out there. Maybe I’ll have even forgotten how I’ve been feeling since getting off the plane from Hong Kong two weeks ago.


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