Sleater-Kinney at Terminal 5

Just the set for now. New York notes to follow!

(I can’t believe I saw Sleater-Kinney again.)


  • Price Tag
  • Jumpers
  • Oh!
  • The Fox
  • One More Hour
  • Fangless
  • Surface Envy
  • The Ballad of a Ladyman
  • What’s Mine Is Yours
  • Youth Decay
  • No Cities to Love
  • Wilderness
  • A New Wave
  • Bury Our Friends
  • #1 Must Have
  • Words and Guitar
  • Let’s Call It Love
  • Entertain


  • Call the Doctor
  • Modern Girl
  • Rock Lobster [The B52s] (with Fred Armisen on vocals…yes, this really happened, and it was sublime and ridiculous and Corin Tucker looks really good in a top pony and the only way they could’ve possibly followed it up was with…)
  • Dig Me Out

I didn’t think it’d be possible for Sleater-Kinney to top The Woods. With No Cities to Love they might’ve actually done just that.


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