Seattle Seahawks Lots, Minnesota Vikings 7

tcfI spent my second weekend as a Torontonian in the Twin Cities, where I (among other things) saw the Minnesota Vikings get pummeled by the Seattle Seahawks at TCF Bank Stadium (see #15 on 35-for-35). I think it was less the Vikings being bad than the Seahawks being really, really good…but either way, the fact remains that the Vikings haven’t scored an offensive touchdown the last three times I’ve seen them. Chronologically:

  • November 21, 2010: Packers 31, Vikings 3 (0 touchdowns, obviously; the Vikings actually led this game at one point!)
  • January 2, 2010: Lions 13, Vikings 10 (Jared Allen interception return for a touchdown)
  • December 6, 2015: Seahawks 35, Vikings 7 (Cordarrelle Patterson kick return for a touchdown)

As for the Seahawks, they’ve won the two games I’ve seen them play by a combined score of 88-24. This game felt even more lopsided than the last one, at which I at least got to hear “Gangnam Style” live. This time I paid $100 U.S. to sit outside on a damp Minnesota December day and watch my favourite team gets its butt kicked. I wanted to see an outdoor Vikings game. The lesson, as always: be careful what you wish for.

The Vikings’ new stadium, U.S. Bank Stadium, is rising over downtown Minneapolis like some postmodern longship. It looks great. Bet on “attend a game at U.S. Bank Stadium” appearing on 36-for-36!


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