Number Nine! Number Nine! Number Nine!

In 2007, when I first moved to Calgary and started life as a student recruiter, I bullishly declared I’d be done with the job and moved back to Toronto within two years. Well…here I am, in the lobby of the Hilton Houston Post Oak, having embarked on my ninth recruitment season and my first as an official, full-time international recruiter. The trip actually started–inevitably–in Toronto, followed by an unlikely detour to New York City. I’ve been in Houston since Friday; I’ll be here until Thursday, when I’ll be heading back to Calgary by way of Albuquerque, New Mexico (hey, speaking of unlikely detours!). I couldn’t have envisaged this scenario seven years ago when I was first hitting the ELAA circuit throughout Alberta. But here we are.

I love my job. It’s interesting, it’s meaningful, and it lets me see parts of the world (like Houston!) I might not have otherwise visited. Eight years might’ve stripped away some of the novelty, but they haven’t changed the fact that I’m one of the lucky people who’s getting paid to do pretty much exactly what they want. Here’s to the next three months!


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