The Gaslight Anthem at Mac Hall


They were orphans before they were ever the sons of regret

I love Gaslight Anthem, and was as excited for last night’s concert as I’d been for a show in ages. It wasn’t a classic–the second half was uneven and “featured” the blandest, most predictable cover choice of all-time–and I still haven’t fully embraced Get Hurt, the band’s latest album. But it was still Gaslight live, and they still do what they do very, very well. Next time will be better.


  • Howl
  • 1,000 Years
  • The ’59 Sound
  • Stay Vicious (tuned down; sounded almost metal)
  • Biloxi Parish
  • High and Lonesome Sound
  • Old Haunts
  • Ain’t That a Shame
  • 45
  • Orphans (the previous night’s performance was the first in almost two years; immediately texted Saj with, “Orphans! :o”)
  • Handwritten
  • Helter Skeleton
  • Say I Won’t (Recognize)
  • Stray Paper
  • Wish You Were Here [Pink Floyd] (I’d have preferred they played literally any other song in the entire history of popular music)
  • Film Noir (nice recovery)
  • We Came to Dance
  • I Coul’da Been a Contender
  • Sweet Morphine
    • Scar Tissue [Red Hot Chili Peppers] (tease)
  • Wooderson (The show lost some of its momentum between “Handwritten” and “American Slang,” largely because the songs were almost entirely pre-’59 Sound, brand new, or–in the case of “Wish You Were Here”–written by one of the worst bands of all-time, which is to say nothing of the “Scar Tissue” tag after “Sweet Morphine.” Still, the stretch did include “Film Noir,” which is one of my favourite Gaslight songs. I’d been in my usual setlist blackout mode prior to yesterday’s concert and didn’t realize “Film Noir” was even a possibility till they started playing it. Love, love, love that song.)
  • American Slang
  • Mae
  • The Backseat (still a total killer closing song, but the ending felt abrupt; another song before or after “Mae” would’ve helped)

Next up: the Hip in Kingston! They shot a movie once in your hometown…


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