Your Voices Will Be Heard


I was at the last show of U2’s most recent tour, so symmetry demands that I be at the first one of their next tour (or something like that). And assuming Bono recovers from his bike accident, I will be: this morning I got tickets to opening night of the band’s Innocence and Experience Tour (this is also a 34-for-34 item, by the way). [Quick 12/8 update! This morning I got tickets to the second night, too.] I’ll admit to being underwhelmed thus far by Songs of Innocence, so much so that I haven’t actually bought the physical album (which includes, among other things, six acoustic versions of the songs; I really do want to hear those). But that doesn’t make me less excited to see the band live–because it’s U2, and because at some point they’ll play this song and hearing it with 20,000 other people will always been stunning. As it often the case Caryn Rose puts it best: “It’s ‘Streets.’ It’s the song where God walks through the room, according to Bono. ‘It’s the point where craft ends and spirit begins,’ he says, and if you don’t like Bono you will find that statement pretentious, but if you have ever stood in a stadium or an arena when this song is played and every single person is on their feet and jumping up and down, you will just nod your head because you know that he is right.” And he is.

Roll on, May 14 and 15.

(Hey, and speaking of all-time Pantheon Concerts, I saw another one eight years ago today.)


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