Moist at the Grey Eagle Resort & Casino


Last night I did something I hadn’t done since September 10, 2000 and didn’t think I’d ever do again, period: I saw Moist. I’m not the world’s biggest Moist fan–I do know the world’s biggest Moist fan: he and I spent the evening texting after he’d been admitted to KGH with suspected appendicitis–but they, and David Usher especially, always killed live. (For a long time that September 10, 2000 show at AJ’s was the “last” Moist concert.) Fourteen years later absolutely nothing’s changed: last night’s show was phenomenal from top-to-bottom. Moist didn’t sound a band that’s just coming back from a thirteen-year hiatus: they sounded like a young band hungry to prove itself. In a way they are: I’m guessing most people have either forgotten about them or didn’t know they’d gotten back together (or even broke up in the first place, for that matter). I kind of thought I was seeing a legacy act yesterday. Instead, I saw a band that sounded as fresh and as urgent as it did during its heyday. The resurrection is here.


  • Mechanical
  • Kill for You
  • Silver (surreal hearing this again)
  • Broken
  • Break Her Down
  • Underground
  • Hate
  • Black Black Heart [David Usher]
  • Glory Under Dangerous Skies
  • Gasoline
  • Believe Me
  • Ophelia (show-stopper)
  • Black Roses
  • Tangerine (prefer it as an opener; the old “Tangerine”/”Machine Punch Through” opening “punch” was missed)
  • Resurrection

1st encore:

  • Bayou
  • Breathe
  • Push (no “Back in Black” tag?!)

2nd encore:

  • All Forgiven
  • Into Everything

I actually gave thought to driving up to Edmonton for tonight’s show, till I realize the Mirthmobile’s in the shop until at least Monday. That’s how good it was.


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