34-for-34 Update

Greetings from Toronto, where I landed two days ago after a fraught twenty-six hour journey from Dubai. My body still thinks it’s early evening, which explains why I was wide awake between 2-4am this morning. I’m here until Tuesday–Sam’s best friend’s getting married today; we’re seeing Bob Dylan Monday–at which point I’ll be flying back to Calgary and not leaving my apartment unless absolutely necessary for the following three weeks. Travel season! Gotta love it.

I’ll write about the Middle East in more detail next week–but in the meantime I’ve checked off three more 34-for-34 items. They are:

  • Run 1k. Done on the Kuwait City corniche with my marathon running friends Eric and Kim. The fact that I can now say I’ve run along the Persian Gulf really weirds me out.
  • Eat healthily during travel season. Done, for the most part, although I’ve got a least one major trip left this year (I’m going back to the Middle East in late January/early February). And speaking of food…
  • Experiment with local foods in Mexico and the Middle East. Done in a manner that would surprise/shock some of you–like ordering off Spanish menus I couldn’t read, for instance, or enacting an “eat whatever’s put in front of me” policy at group outings (which is how I ended up with an eggplant addiction after Saudi Arabia). On a similar note, in Dubai I had high tea at the Burj Al Arab, which was surely the most extravagant thing I’ve ever done. The passion fruit jam was worth the cost all on its own, although it’s also worth mentioning that seven-star hotels aren’t impervious to lounge acts performing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

Meanwhile, I also got to work on #29 (read the entire Harry Potter series–I finished the first book somewhere between Frankfurt and Toronto). It was a great three weeks! More to come once I’m back at the ranch.


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