Arabian Nights

I’m back in Calgary for less than seventy-two hours. On Thursday I’m embarking on the most insane trip of my eight years in recruitment, and there really is no other way of describing my itinerary than “insane.” Check this out!

  • Thursday: fly to Toronto; drive to Waterloo; work an evening event; have dinner with the Raptor and the Jerk; drive back to Pearson; pick up Sam, who’s coming back from Portland that night (we both just flew cross-continent, her yesterday, me today; we both fly back across on Thursday)
  • Friday: fly to Frankfurt
  • Saturday: fly to Jeddah; arrive at 5pm local time, which is seven hours ahead of Toronto and nine hours ahead of Calgary
  • Sunday: meet my colleagues in the lobby at 7:30am–12:30am/10:30pm the day before–for a full day of visits

And that’s just the beginning! Here’s the entire itinerary:

  • Oct. 25-28: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Oct. 28-29: Dammam, Saudi Arabia (and yup, the four of us eventually got our Saudi visas–that was an interesting process)
  • Oct. 29-November 2: Amman, Jordan
  • November 2-3: Doha, Qatar
  • November 4-6: Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • November 6-10: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • November 10-12: Dubai, UAE

On the 12th I work a full day…but then, instead of accompanying the rest of the group to Bahrain, I’m going to the airport for some eight hours before flying to Frankfurt at 1am. Once in Germany–seven hours to get there, by the way–I have a five-hour layover, followed by an eight-and-a-half hour flight to Toronto. I’ve got the math somewhere; I believe it’s forty-two hours door-to-door that day. My parents have instructions to drive me home, walk me to my bedroom, and close the door behind me. Crippling insomnia will take care of the rest.

And if it sounds like I’m complaining…I am so stoked for this. Reports from the road to follow shortly!


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