It Seems Like Forever Ago

idiotEarlier today Saj pointed out that American Idiot is turning ten years old, and so it’s only fitting that it’s currently getting a loud anniversary spin at the Casa de Johns y Hope. I still vividly remember being on Warden, hearing “Holiday” on the Edge, and immediately driving to Future Shop to buy the record; when I brought it home I put it on and listened to the title track on a loop for the rest of the day. The first person to tell me that Green Day was writing a rock opera was actually Bri Monster. On November 2, 2004–the same day the United States re-elected an actual American Idiot–she and I saw Green Day at the ACC. Three-and-a-half weeks later we were dating.

Anyway. American Idiot brings me back to that time and place, when everything felt new and exciting, but it’s also remarkable just how well it’s aged. It sounds as a fresh as it did in 2004, when I wrote that American Idiot “rocks. Hard. Harder than the band has rocked since Dookie.” The songs that made it great in 2004, keep it great in 2014. I still listen to American Idiot regularly, and it’s usually a front-to-back spin. (The original cast recording of the 2009 musical version’s pretty good, too. If you’ve never heard “When It’s Time” that’s something you should do right away.) Yeah, there’s a bit of nostalgia wrapped up in it, but ultimately American Idiot is a great album that’s held up well over the past decade. I’d wager I’ll be writing much the same thing in 2022 when American Idiot is old enough to vote itself into office.


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