Here I Am On the Road Again

I moved to Calgary seven years ago today with vague plans to be back in Toronto within twenty-four months. Well, things didn’t quite work out the way I thought they would–and in two weeks I’m starting my eighth recruitment season for the University of Calgary. Last year I didn’t leave Canada; this year I’m leaving North America to travel further afield than I’ve ever been before.

Here’s where I’ll be going:

  • Sept. 14-19: Northeastern Alberta. Alright, so that’s not very far afield–well, it is, but you know what I mean–although at least it’ll give me plenty of opportunity to uncover new music.
  • Sept. 22-28: Mexico. I’ll be dividing my trip between Mexico City and Queretaro, although a soccer game isn’t on the agenda this year.
  • Oct. 2-20: Ontario. Toronto. Stratford. Maybe Ottawa. Leafs opener. Thanksgiving. Ed. Sam.
  • Late-October to mid-November: Middle EastThat’s far afield. I’m still finalizing the trip, but if all goes well I’ll be visiting the following places:
    • Saudi Arabia (actually, this is the only place that isn’t confirmed: our visit’s contingent on us getting a Saudi visa, which is apparently a hit-or-miss proposition)
    • Jordan
    • Qatar
    • Kuwait
    • United Arab Emirates

After Dubai I’m flying to Toronto for a long weekend–Sam’s a maid of honour in a wedding November 15–before carrying on back to Calgary; by the time I land I should have Elite status for the first time ever and a return trip to the Middle East booked for January. Two years ago Friday I walked away from my job for two months, leaving two trips to Latin America in my wake. At the time I couldn’t imagine ever being back to where I once was. Today, two years less two days since that pivotal moment, I’m so far beyond where I once was it’s hard to believe I’m even the same person.


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