Challenge Accepted

I took the Ice Bucket Challenge this week! Amidst the deluge (as it were) of videos, don’t forget the most important thing about the campaign: it’s raised over $2-million for the ALS Society of Canada, an organization that’s not used to this kind of financial windfall. Let’s keep that momentum going: click here to make a donation. Meanwhile, to learn more about Steve Gleason, the ex-New Orleans Saint who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, visit his website. I first learned about him – naturally – through his association with Pearl Jam; indeed, I got the shirt I’m wearing in my video at the Team Gleason fundraiser before Pearl Jam’s Spokane concert last November (Gleason curated the show’s setlist). The ESPN’s featurette about Steve Gleason and Pearl Jam is incredibly moving.

Again, thanks to Robyn for the nomination, Morgan for the camerawork, Katie for dumping the ice, and McHugh Bluff for providing the location.


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