“There are other Annapurnas in the lives of men.” – Maurice Herzog, Annapurna

The list:

Financial Stability

  1. Get out of debt 

Mental Health & Advocacy

  1. Stop taking medication (under supervision)
  2. Start an OCD support group in Calgary 
  3. Expand my role as Partners for Mental Health’s Calgary Community Correspondent
  4. Write about my mental health journey
  5. Learn how to type the letter “y” 

Improved Nutrition

  1. Plan a weekly menu emphasizing foods high in protein
  2. Make at least one proper vegetarian meal a week 
  3. Eat healthily during travel season 
  4. Experiment with local foods in Mexico and the Middle East 

Training & Recovering from Surgery

  1. Develop a comprehensive and varied personal fitness program emphasizing core strength and muscular endurance
  2. Take a deliberate approach to my recovery from surgery 

Return to Running

  1. Run 1k
  2. Run 5k 
  3. Run 5k in under thirty minutes
  4. Run a 10k race
  5. Start a half-marathon training program 


  1. Climb a wall
  2. Climb a mountain 
  3. Sleep outdoors in a tent 
  4. Read Annapurna by Maurice Herzog
  5. Read Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete by Steve House and Scott Johnston
  6. Start training to climb Mount Rainier in 2016
  7. Join the Alpine Club of Canada

Oh, The Places I’ll Go

  1. Mount Rushmore 
  2. A major league ballpark I’ve never visited
  3. A U2 concert 
  4. Thunder Bay

Odds and Sods

  1. Watch all twenty-three James Bond movies 
  2. Read the entire Harry Potter series
  3. Take a photography class
  4. Have a weekly social media-free day

And Above All, on August 16, 2015…

  1. Celebrate turning thirty-five
  2. Look back on being thirty-four and say, with complete confidence, it was better than being thirty-three.


(Updated August 17, 2015)


10 thoughts on “34-for-34

  1. 29. Toronto. Machu Picchu. LA. Toronto. Come back to meeeeee.

    Awesome list. 34’s going to be a great year 🙂

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