Great, Big 33-for-33 Update!

33-for-33 wraps in exactly two weeks, which means I’m busily tying up loose ends while starting to jot down ideas for 34-for-34. 33-for-33’s going to end up being reasonably successful…but last week, in the midst of spending fourteen straight nights with first Sam (which also included a trip out to the West Coast) and then my parents, one of my big ticket items fell by the wayside.

I’m at the point where OCD’s barely part of my life. I still get the occasional flare-up, most recently in Toronto two months ago, but otherwise it’s almost  never there anymore. And after telling Doc Awesome (who I’ve only seen once so far in 2014!) she wrote the following message:

I am happy to hear how well you are doing. Let’s set up a time to meet in early Sept for a final assessment and where to go session.

I put four “Big Ticket Items” on 33-for-33. The three I didn’t complete are all going to re-appear in some form on 34-for-34. But the biggest item–the one I most wanted to complete, the one that could’ve comprised an entire goal list all on its own–will be finished, albeit three weeks after my birthday, and because that’s down to Doc Awesome’s schedule I’m giving it to myself. Needless to say I’m really, really excited about this being done.


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