Before and After

I saw my surgeon yesterday, fifteen days after my third knee operation in the past fifteen months. Here’s how my knee looked beforehand:


And here’s how it looked after the steri-strips came off!


It looks even worse up close. Anyway! After examining me my surgeon uttered the fateful words, “You’re doing much better than you should be doing.” That was slightly discomfiting, since it echoed what my physiotherapist told me following my first operation–and we all know how that played out. My surgeon preached caution; it goes without saying that I’ll be heeding his warning, especially following last year’s debacle. I’ve started working on 34-for-34, yet while personal fitness will be a major point of emphasis I’ll be setting goals that’ll allow for deliberate progress–as deliberate, for instance, as “run 1km,” which’ll be one of the items.


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