I Feel Fine

Knee Operation v3.2 went down last week, and today I felt good enough to try spinning…which consisted of me sitting on a stationary bike while gravity operated the pedals. Regardless, all things considered I feel surprisingly fine.


We’ve been here before, of course: last year, following Knee Operation v1.0, my physio told me my recovery was going so well he’d put me in the the top-half of the 99th percentile of all ACL cases he’d seen. And we know how that went. Physically I’m doing about as well this time around. Once again I had full extension almost immediately; flexion came slower this time, presumably since they used a piece of my patellar tendon for the new graft, but it’s almost there now. I’m about 80% weight bearing. All these are good things. But after what happened last time I’ll be taking a much more deliberate approach to my recovery. I’m still working on my actual goals…but they’ll likely look something like this, with an August 16, 2015 deadline:

  • Run a road race
  • Ski
  • Play a full soccer game, not that poxy approximation of a soccer game I played last year

I’m still not sure about #3. I want to play again; my surgeon said point blank I’ll be able to play again, indeed seemed visibly annoyed when I suggested my playing days were over. I don’t want to be incapable of paying with my future children because I was playing rec league soccer in my mid-30s…but I’ll really miss it if I stop. We’ll see. In the meantime I’ve assumed an ascetic existence. I’ve been reading a lot, so much I’ve even begun to read George Will. I’ve watched most of the World Cup; I haven’t missed a game since the operation, and that includes Greece/Costa Rica (the viewing of which suggests I’ve got problems). I re-watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is just as overblown and ridiculous as I remember (maybe if they’d used more slo-mo close-ups on Frodo the first two would’ve won the Best Picture Oscar, too!). And I’ve spent a lot of time hooked up to the good ol’ Cryo Cuff while ice water surrounds me. I’m getting there, slowly but surely–with even more an emphasis on the “slowly” this time.


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