Even Less Cipralex is Even More Cipralex

Last week, some three-and-a-half months after slashing my daily Cipralex dosage by a third, I took it down even further, from 20mg to 10mg. My goal of getting my Cipralex dose down to 5mg a day by the end of the year – one-sixth of what I was taking at the start of 2014 – is suddenly well within reach.


But I might be closer to another goal I never thought I’d achieve: in three months, assuming everything goes according to plan, I’m going off medication altogether, not just Cipralex but Seroquel as well. My psychiatrist and I picked September 21 as the magic date. The plan’s for me to quit cold turkey, then ride out the storm that’s sure to follow (I’m guessing, for instance, that getting rid of a sleeping aid I’ve been taking for two-and-a-half years will making sleeping difficult). I’m not against antidepressants, not by any means, but I’m excited to see if I can say goodbye to them for good. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Even Less Cipralex is Even More Cipralex

  1. Your self-awareness of what you want and need and advocacy for yourself is inspiring. If I were one of your other friends I would have to follow this compliment up with something terribly mean. Isn’t it nice that I’m not?

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