33-for-33 Update

I haven’t done an official 33-for-33 update since late March, but that’s not to suggest things haven’t been chugging along nicely. In fact, a few weeks ago I crossed off an item that’s been haunting these annual challenges, in various formats, almost since the beginning:

  • Consistently benchpress 100 lbs

I know, I know: to the average person it’s not that big a deal…but it is to me–it’s been something I’ve wanted to do since high school, actually–and it means I can start pushing on to the mythical 135 lbs (bar + 45 lb weight on either side). Meanwhile, I did something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to accomplish before the calendar flipped over to my thirty-fifth year:

  • Hold a plank for two minutes

I’d told Nerd Lobster I wouldn’t be doing it anytime soon the day before I actually did, which suggests I’m a master motivator. I didn’t set out to do it that day either, before suddenly finding myself holding a plank for a minute-forty and feeling as though I could go forever. That said, I haven’t done it since; I’ll feel better about crossing it off once I’m able to repeat it.

It’s also late enough in the game that a couple items are falling by the wayside (I won’t, for instance, be out of debt by August 16 unless I win the lottery between now and then; I won’t be finishing Les Misérables because it’s too damn long-winded). But 33-for-33’s also shaping up to be my most successful annual challenge yet. I’ve also begun working on 34-for-34, which’ll be up and running in…cripes, less than two months. Your input is officially being sought!


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