Stuff I’ve Seen at the Princess of Wales Theatre

Stolen with the permission of Chris Barker

Stolen with the permission of Chris Barker

Today’s news that the Princess of Wales Theatre’s been salvaged is cause for celebration, and not just because it’s a beautiful building. Since it opened with the Canadian premiere of Miss Saigon in 1993 the Princess of Wales has provided the backdrop for some of my life’s truly memorable moments, including (most recently) mine and Nerd Lobster’s first date. Here’s a (complete?) list of what I’ve seen there. I’m glad to know it’ll be able to keep adding to it for years come.

  1. Miss Saigon 10/1/93
  2. Beauty and the Beast 10/7/95
  3. Buddy: the Buddy Holly Story 11/22/97
  4. Les Miserables 7/25/98
  5. Oliver! 11/99
  6. The Lion King 00
  7. The Lion King
  8. The Lion King
  9. The Lion King 12/18/02
  10. Hairspray 4/24/04
  11. Hairspray 5/20/04
  12. Hairspray 11/17/04
  13. Hairspray 11/27/04
  14. Evita 5/18/05
  15. Les Misérables 9/23/05
  16. Les Misérables 10/19/05
  17. Lord of the Rings 06
  18. The Phantom of the Opera 2/21/07 (first Toronto since performance since the end of its ten-year run at the Pantages Theatre on October 31, 1999)
  19. The Phantom of the Opera 4/7/07
  20. The Phantom of the Opera 5/07
  21. The Phantom of the Opera 6/17/07 (final Toronto performance of Hal Prince’s original production of Phantom, which, in addition to its four months at the Princess of Wales, ran for over ten years at the former Pantages Theatre)
  22. The Sound of Music 09
  23. Young Frankenstein
  24. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert 10
  25. War Horse 10/12
  26. The Book of Mormon 5/19/13
  27. Les Misérables 9/13
  28. Les Misérables 12/14/13 (mine and Sam’s first date!)
  29. The Lion King 6/12/14
  30. The Phantom of the Opera 12/15
  31. If/Then 4/16
  32. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 11/17
  33. An American in Paris 4/7/18

To be continued!


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