33-for-33 Update

I love travelling–of course I love travelling; who doesn’t?–but there really is nothing worse than jetlag. I’m really not complaining: I just came back from one of the best trips of my entire life. Unfortunately, I’m also in the midst of two of the longest days of my entire life. First, some backround. North America did Daylight Savings a couple weeks ago. Europe, or England at least, didn’t do it till yesterday. England’s normally seven hours ahead of Calgary, but it was only six while my nerd lobster and I were gallivanting about London, Manchester, and Salisbury. Anyway: inevitably, the time change happened yesterday, so while she and I were up at 5:30 to catch our flights back to Canada our bodies thought it was 4:30, or 10:30pm Calgary time. My flight was nine hours long; I landed in Calgary at 12:15pm, or what was now 7:15pm GMT, then fought tooth-and-nail to stay up till 8pm. I woke up at 4:30 this morning feeling ravenous, and so I ate–then promptly fell back asleep, waking up a second time at 7am and eating a second breakfast. Tonight’s main goal is staying up till 9pm. That should have me more-or-less back on track, just in time to fly to Toronto on Friday and lose another two hours. On a similar note, I’d forgotten what it was like coming back to elevation after an extended stay near sea level. It’s like having a permanent anxiety attack.

Anyway. All this is prologue to a quick 33-for-33 update. Another couple items have bitten the dust. I’ve objectively visited Paris; as for celebrating thirty years cancer-free in style I feel confident in saying that climbing up the Eiffel Tower with my favourite person on earth qualifies. The Paris section’s getting there; I’m still not convinced I’ll finish reading Les Miserables before I turn thirty-four (or forty-four, for that matter), but I’m pressing on with it. More post-trip updates to follow!

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