Less Cipralex is More Cipralex

cipralexLast Thursday, barely a week after cutting my nightly Seroquel dosage in half, I continued my own personal war against drugs, slashing my daily Cipralex intake by a third. Cipralex is an SSRI, or a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor – an antidepressant, in other words, yet while I’m perfectly willing to take antidepressants I don’t want any more in my system than is absolutely necessary. Already I’m seeing the benefits of a smaller dose; combined with the boost I got from cutting back on Seroquel I feel as though I’ve got 50% more energy each day. And I’m not stopping here: my goal is getting my Cipralex dose down to 5mg a day by the end of the year – one-sixth of what I was taking at the start of 2014.


One thought on “Less Cipralex is More Cipralex

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