Two Weeks

A week ago I wrote, “I’m in exile for at least another week-and-a-bit…and probably a lot longer.” I think it’s safe to say it’ll be a lot longer. I’m still in the splint, which means my mobility’s almost completely limited. I’ve left my apartment a grand total of five times in two weeks; I tried driving yesterday, a quick 4km jaunt to pick my roommate up from work, and it actually hurt being in the front seat. The main issue, as I discovered last week, isn’t the pain so much as it’s sitting for extended periods, and thus for the most part I’ve got to stay lying down. That’s good – lying down allows me to take this stupid splint off every now and again – but also bad. It means, for instance, that something as simple as going out for dinner’s an ordeal (as it was when I went for ribs on Saturday). And it explains why, in addition to lacking basic mobility, I can’t really leave the house. So it’s back to being in hiding, to a routine of reading and listening to music and watching Netflix (I’m onto Ken Burns’ Baseball documentary) and working on the back end of the Stuff and Nonsense move from Blogger to WordPress. Not to mention copious hours of Olympic coverage; has it really been four years since Vancouver 2010?

Anyway. Tomorrow I’m seeing my surgeon. I honestly have no idea what he’ll say. I’m hoping he’ll say it’s okay to start walking without the splint, or at the very least to start doing basic leg exercises. Either way I’m guessing it’ll be at least another couple weeks before I’m able to resume a somewhat normal life. I’m not even sure what “normal” would look like right now. Sitting up without counting the minutes till I can lie back down seems like a good place to start. Or not walking like Frankenstein; I’d take that, too.


2 thoughts on “Two Weeks

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