Yesterday, while the rest of you were busy bankrupting Bell, I was busy having my second knee operation since last March. And I’ll be having another one between now and the end of May. Take it away, Wayne Campbell!

I’m mentioning this here because, following my last surgery, I had a surprising (and surprisingly aggressive) OCD flare-up. I don’t know what caused it, although it stands to reason the combination of bodily trauma and pain medication was largely responsible. I was also living on my own, which contributed to a general sense of malaise. Things got so bad that I literally made and then posted a weekly to-do list which included such ambitious tasks as “shower every day by 9am.” At least this time I kind of know what to expect, even if yesterday’s operation wasn’t quite the same as last year’s (read about it here). Unfortunately, things haven’t gotten off to an auspicious start: I barely slept last night, although I think it had less to do with the knee stabilizer I’m wearing and more to do with the cocktail of drugs I took before bed. At 6:30am, having failed to fall asleep to Dave Bidini’s book On a Cold Road, I got up, showered, ate breakfast, watched Sportscentre, blogged, and chatted with friends. It’s arguable that I’ve accomplished more before nine o’clock this morning than I did the entire three weeks I was recovering from my previous operation.

But in the name of post-op consistency, here are five things I want to accomplish during the following 3+ weeks:

  1. Blog daily, either here or over at Stuff and Nonsense.
  2. Watch Band of Brothers. My friend’s boyfriend lent it to me last June; I’ve watched one episode.
  3. Learn how to use my new iPad.
  4. Keep reading Les Misérables. “Read Les Misérables” is one of the items on this year’s annual challenge; I started it in August, but so far I’m only 16% of the way through. Maybe I can combine items 3 and 4?
  5. Eat well; this includes consuming even larger amounts of water than I usually do. Plus, this week–and at the urging of my friend Graham–I’m starting on my Usana vitamin regimen. I told him I’m expecting miracles; failing that I’ll fall back on my new superfoods-heavy diet and reap vengeance on Graham by cursing the Chicago Blackhawks.
And hey: today’s the day after Bell Let’s Talk. Let’s challenge ourselves to keep the conversation going for the rest of 2014!

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