One Down

“We said we were gonna get all tore up tonight and we did.”

I had surgery today. How was your Tuesday?

To recap: I tore my ACL last January, had it replaced in March, then promptly tore it again in October during the third shift of my first post-op soccer game. My orthopedic surgeon prefers to “stage” ACL revision surgery, which means today’s operation was actually the first of two. It served as a clean-up, which involved removing the original replacement ligament (yup, it was torn right in half), some minor bone grafting, and (argh) repairing my torn menisci…which is why I’m wearing that gigantic knee stabilizer. Having to get my menisci repaired really was the worst-case scenario for this step of the process. In addition to having to wear the immobilizer whenever I’m not in the shower (so about 23:50 a day; yes, I have to sleep in it) I’ve essentially been grounded for at least the next two-and-a-half weeks, while my recovery exercises are limited to leg extensions and foot flexion. I’ll be having the actual ligament replacement in three to four months. This time they’ll be using my patellar tendon, rather than my hamstring, which I’m told is much more painful. Thank goodness for Percocet!

Needless to say my soccer career’s on indefinite hiatus. But if I’m not gonna play, I’m gonna coach: I’ve signed up for the next step of the certification process (hey, it’s another 33-for-33 goal!). And while I won’t be skiing this year–I even sold my ski equipment–I’m still available for trips to the mountains. I’ll keep the après–ski warm–knee immobilizer and all.


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