First Update

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone! Monday I’m embarking on a four-day, 1,175-km car trip–my life’s genuinely weird sometimes–and having spent most of last weekend underground I’m spending this weekend doing absolutely nothing. Nothing…and a whole bunch of catch-up blogging. This is the first little bit.

Earlier this fall I had a great phone conversation with my Partners for Mental Health volunteer coordinators, and together we came up with a bunch of new and exciting ideas for growing Partners here in Calgary. One of the first things I’m doing is amassing a database of community mental health resources–like the University of Calgary’s SU Wellness Centre, where I attended a great session on mental resiliency earlier this week. If you have any ideas about things I should cover, please let me know. Another thing I’m going to be doing is helping to actually grow the Partners’ Calgary volunteer base. We’ll be doing some really cool stuff in the coming months; it goes without saying you’re all invited to join in! Our latest campaign is the most visible, but by no means is it the only thing Partners for Mental Health is doing these days. As always, the goal of everything we do is dragging mental illness out of the shadows and into the light. Let’s talk about mental health! Then, and only then, will we get rid of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Second update to follow, once the roommate and I are finished re-organizing our furniture for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast!


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