Love You So Much It Makes Me Sick

Sing it, Kurt. Sing that song about me and the Calgary fall, which is just about the most perfect thing ever…except that it literally makes me sick. Sunday I could barely get off the couch; yesterday I never even left the apartment. Today was better: I went to work for all of three hours, then slunk home before noon and proceeded to pass out while reading Les Misérables. I love the fall in Calgary: every day’s warm and sunny, the air’s crisp, the leaves are beginning to change colour, and (at least where I work) the start of the new school year brings about a sense of excitement and optimism and expectation. I’m feeling all that, too–but my head’s also leaking fluids out of every orifice, which means I’m feeling something extra as well. That something is “like crap.”

Awkward segue…but have you ever heard “Aneurysm” by Nirvana? It’s a killer song, and this version (from Live at Reading 1992) is positively feral. You should probably own Incesticide, by the way.


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