On 8-24-12 I had a decision to make: see Bruce Springsteen or go to the ER.

I chose Springsteen – but five days later, after flying back to Calgary and desperately trying to resume a normal life, I took a leave from work, flew home and started therapy. It’s the best decision I ever made…the best, and also the hardest. But it saved me.¬†Tonight, in honour of the occasion, I’m going to start writing a book. It’s going to be called Music Can Save Your Mortal Soul, and it’s going to be about how family, friends, cute blonde doctors, overweight cocker spaniels, Rob Bell books and rock n’ roll records can pull you out of the abyss and back into the light. A year ago the Springsteen show felt like the end of something; who knew that it was really the beginning of the rest of my life?

(Video by Jack Schwartz)