Greetings from the Casa de Johns, where it’s week three of Stretching/Icing/Resting (Lather, Rinse, Repeat). Yesterday, in an attempt to minimize my time spent playing Tiger Woods on PS3–more on that in a second, actually–I made a list of thirty-two things for me to do this week. Check them out! Some of these are incredibly mundane. Again, it’s all in the name of getting away from in front of the TV…unless it’s to watch sports. Or real golf, for that matter: the Masters starts Thursday.

  1. Wake up every day by 8am
  2. Shower every day by 9pm
  3. Do my ACL exercises 3x a day
  4. See my surgeon Thursday morning WHOOPS! Apparently my appointment was Wednesday, not Thursday. Good job, Steve!
  5. Do daily ERP
  6. Make an appointment with the bank DONE!
  7. Prepare for the appointment DONE!
  8. Meet with the bank Wednesday morning DONE!
  9. Get the loose change from my desk at work
  10. Use the Coin Counter at TD DONE!
  11. Do the recycling DONE!
  12. Do the laundry DONE!
  13. Vacuum the apartment
  14. Clean the balcony
  15. Clean my room
  16. Rebuild my chest of drawers DONE!
  17. Get a new file organizer DONE!
  18. Organize my files DONE!
  19. Claim last fall’s prescriptions DONE!
  20. Transfer files between computers
  21. Get my printer working again DONE! KIND OF! My old printer wasn’t compatible with Windows 8, so I bought a new one instead.
  22. Fix my car’s satellite radio DONE!
  23. Take the Mirthmobile through a car wash
  24. Go to Superstore
  25. Go to Costco
  26. Finish at least one chapter of PSYC 290
  27. Watch Argo DONE!
  28. Work on Discovering My Inner Jew DONE!
  29. Unsubscribe from Fold3 and Ancestry.ca DONE!
  30. Write two Brain of SNJ entries
  31. Write three Stuff and Nonsense entries DONE!
  32. Limit my time playing Tiger Woods DONE!

Here’s to not going stir crazy this week!


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