At the Hundredth Percentile

I know what you’re thinking: “C’mon, Steve: it’s been more than a week since we’ve seen a picture of your leg!” I do apologize. To your right (or, for the punctilious, to the right-hand side of the screen) you’ll see how it looks today. The sutures are coming out Thursday; incidentally, I’m off work another week while I continue my daily regimen of stretching, icing, and resting (which tomorrow incorporates stationary biking). It’s looking better, huh? It certainly looks better than it did on the 28th.

So there’s that–and there’s also this. Last week I saw my physio. He and I have a long-standing relationship; this is the third different time I’ve required his services after a broken foot and a strained groin. There was a student with him this time. The first thing he had me do was walk. After I’d taken three steps he turned to the student and said, “You don’t see this.” The next thing he had me do was bring my knee to my chest; apparently I was able to bend it 125°, which is 25° more than I should’ve been able to bend it. So that was good. Afterwards I asked the physio how I was doing. His exact words: “You’re in the upper half of the 100th percentile of all the ACL recovery patients I’ve seen.” So that was good, too. I knew things were going well, but it was nice getting that sort of validation. And so we keep on keeping on. I’m well on track to run that 5k by my birthday.


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