Post-Op Musings, Accusings, and Abusings

First, how ’bout a knee update? Here’s how it looks with new Steve-administered bandages:

Second, following the surgery I had a surprisingly aggressive OCD flare-up. It’s relenting now, though my OCD’s still worse than it was before the operation. I’ve been led to believe it’s the likely result of anesthetics and body trauma, though Doc Awesome would insist I acknowledge that it might not be OCD at all! (OCD’s such a cluster-you-know-what. It really is.) Anyway: I’ve been pretty good. I have, in the name of full disclosure, given into compulsions a couple times, but that’s something I hadn’t done quite literally in months (yes, I know I’m rationalizing). And I’ve stuck to my exposure routine, even going so far as to do exposure the morning of my surgery. Today I decided to push myself a bit; the result was the most difficult exposure session I’ve done to date, and an hour-and-a-half later I’m still coming down from it. It’s difficult explaining ERP without delving into the specifics of what it is I actually do…but that would also involve telling you a lot more about my OCD than I’m comfortable sharing. Maybe later – but not now.


One thought on “Post-Op Musings, Accusings, and Abusings

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