Uncool story, bro: I blew my knee out and I’m having reconstructive surgery done. How’s that for a lede?

The short version of events: I fell while skiing. The slightly longer version of events: my right ski didn’t release properly and my right leg ended up wedged beneath my body…but while gravity was propelling me downward, my right leg was basically being pulled backwards. Sounds unpleasant, hey? Well imagine how it actually felt. I knew something was seriously wrong–but I didn’t hear a “pop,” which I’d been led to believe was the tell-tale sign of a knee blowing out, and when the ER doctor at Canmore General Hospital diagnosed me with a mild MCL strain I felt relief, confident that I’d be off my feet for a few weeks before resuming normal activity. But last week I visited the Acute Knee Injury Clinic on campus. There, two doctors diagnosed me with a torn ACL (a fully torn ACL, I hasten to add–I don’t mess around with partial tears). And that’s where we stand for the time being. I’m going back to the knee clinic in three weeks, where a, they’ll confirm my diagnosis, and b, I’ll inform them I’ve opted for surgery.

And then we’ll go from there.

I wish I could’ve seen my expression when they gave me the diagnosis. My knee was starting to feel great; in fact, the day before visiting the knee clinic I’d started walking without a brace. We’ll see where this leads, then. 32-for-32 is gonna have to be updated; for reasons best left to my psychologist I’ve entrusted Ambassador Gordo with the new items. As of right now the Ride to Conquer Cancer’s still a go–so if you were thinking of donating but then were like, “Yo, blown ACL, WTF,” you can still donate with confidence (and if I can’t ride I’ll be a crew member–so either way). I’m a glass-half-full kinda guy, so I’m choosing to see this as the start of an adventure. An unwanted adventure, maybe, but at least you can’t accuse me of being boring.


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