Here Comes the Fear Again

I doubt Jarvis Cocker was thinking about obsessive compulsives when he wrote “The Fear”…but it sure seems like he could’ve been:

This is the sound of someone losing the plot
Making out that they’re okay when they’re not.
You’re gonna like it, but not a lot 

And the chorus goes like this:

Oh Baby,
Here comes the fear again
The end is near again
A monkey’s built a house on your back
You can’t get anyone to come in the sack
And here comes another panic attack.
Oh here we go again. 

Or how ’bout this:

When you’ve got the fear.
And when you’re no longer searching for beauty or love
Just some kind of life with the edges taken off
When you can’t even define what it is that you are frightened of
This song will be here

Tell me I’m wrong.


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