The Chroncile-Journal Swings, Misses Again

The Chronicle-Journal tried crediting Brizzad with his hole-in-one again…and somehow screwed it up again. From today’s paper:

It was incorrectly stated in The Chronicle-Journal’s Tuesday Sports section that Brad Jorgensen, owner of the Thunder Bay Border Cats, collected a hole-in-one on Monday at Chapples Golf Course.

In fact, Brad Jorgensen–whose hole-in-one was witnessed by Shawn Tempelman, Adam Salomon and Jon Poole on the 183-yard, 13th hole at Chapples on Monday–has the same name as the Border Cats owner.

Except he doesn’t. The Border Cats’ owner is Brad Jorgenson (that took me about two seconds to find out, by the way). Brizzad’s non-Stuff and Nonsense name is Brad Jorgensen. Let’s see if the third time’s a charm, eh CJ?


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