An Ace With An Asterix

I’ve known Brizzad since we were both eight years old–yet it wasn’t till today I learned he was the owner of a semi-pro baseball team. Quoth Thunder Bay’s paper of record:

Alright, fine. Brizzad doesn’t own a semi-pro baseball team (although apparently someone named Brad Jorgenson does). No, some overzealous scribe at The Chronicle-Journal, thinking he’d stumbled across a neat little narrative, got his names wrong. The real Brizzad–the one who once rear-ended my family’s Taurus wagon with his Intrepid outside the Westgate parking lot–recorded his very first hole-in-one on the 183-yard par-3 13th at Chapples Golf Course yesterday. Congratulations, Brizzad! Now let’s hope The Chronicle-Journal (or The Chronicle-Urinal, as my dad likes to call it) corrects its mistake before Brizzad’s ace somehow gets credited to a Staal brother.


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