Introducing Introductory Psyc!

Firstly, and apropos nothing in particular, I’d invite you to gaze in wonder at Alex Morgan in a Manchester United shirt!

Secondly, I’m a student again. Officially. Last week I signed up for Athabasca University’s introductory psyc course–and on Saturday, for the first time since September 2005, I did an academic reading. The course is the first of at least four that I’ll be taking between now and next August 31. It’ll be interesting to see how I manage with online learning. I took a couple correspondence courses at Queen’s; in one instance I got to March before doing a single required reading (I’m not proud of this, by the way–it just kind of happened, y’know?), in the other I got one of my highest marks in university. I think I’ve matured enough as a learner to thrive in a virtual course…but my opinion might change when I start juggling school with travelling, which is to say nothing of lugging textbooks around Latin America. At least I’m studying something I enjoy…like, really, genuinely enjoy.

Thirdly…hey, how ’bout that picture of Alex Morgan! Don’t you just love the Olympics?

Fourthly, I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback over this whole “shit” thing. I’ve still got lots of work to do before I’ll be in the position to move forward, but with your support I’ll get there in the end. On the amazing journey, together we’ll ride.

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