The Hip at the Stampede Roundup

Just a setlist and couple quick notes. I’m covered in hay and my legs are aching and I need to go to bed. I’ve got another big night tomorrow.

Set (following the unexpected intro music: “Worldwide Suicide”!)

  • At Transformation (new song)
  • Grace, Too (absolutely epic version; it appears on the deluxe edition of Now for Plan A)
  • Bobcaygeon
  • Love Is A First
  • Man Machine Poem (new song)
  • At the Hundredth Meridian (the sped-up middle section is back, but now the band’s keeping up the pace through to song’s ending; it’s much more effective than the “older” version, which slowed down again after “Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy”)
  • Ahead By A Century (great, great version)
  • In View
  • The Last of the Unplucked Gems (*giggle*)
  • Gift Shop
  • My Music At Work
  • Fiddler’s Green
  • Poets
  • We Want To Be It (new song; of the four new songs played this evening it was the one that didn’t really resonate)
  • Courage
  • New Orleans Is Sinking (incredible sing-a-long!)
  • Little Bones


  • Wheat Kings (Paul sang the second verse!!)
  • Goodnight Attawapiskat (new song; the word “goodbye” features prominently, meaning it’ll probably stay in the penultimate encore slot for the foreseeable future)
  • Blow at High Dough

Those couple notes:

  1. The Stampede Roundup’s a corporate junket that doubles as a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Calgary. It’s also a massive booze-up, yet the crowd (at least where we were standing) was largely respectful and well-behaved, albeit sloshed. Again, the sing-a-long to “New Orleans is Sinking” was fantastic.
  2. I know I’ve been whining about setlists again, but I simply can’t complain about the Tragically Hip’s performance this evening. The Stampede Roundup’s the type of occasion that demands a show full of hits. We got one, and it was good.
  3. Apologies to Matthew Good and 54-40, who I skipped.

And now, I’m writing the words I never thought I’d be able to write ever again: “Tomorrow, I’m seeing I Mother Earth.” As much as I enjoyed this evening’s concert (Hip show #23 for me), it felt almost like a night-long opening act for tomorrow. I cannot. Frigging. Wait.


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