Around the Corner and Over the Hill

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have a new album, Americana, and a new tour that’s stopping in Calgary November 13. Los Lobos and Everest are opening; I’d be happier about that if Patti Smith weren’t opening the tour’s latter dates (her new album, Banga, came out the same day as Americana; incredibly I’ve yet to find it in anywhere in Calgary, which is distressing on numerous levels). When last I saw Uncle Neil he was sharing a stage with Pearl Jam in Toronto; before that he was alone at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, which underscores his ongoing versatility at a point in his career when a lesser artist would be resting on his laurels. The big issue for me is whether I’ll even be here November 13. Regardless, I’ll be hedging my bets and getting a ticket when they go on sale this Friday.

UPDATE: I got floors. Now I’d sure as hell better be here November 13.


One thought on “Around the Corner and Over the Hill

  1. I love the music these guys make. The one and only time I have seen them live was in a little club in LA .. Great show, tickets were cheap and you should have seen how people crowd reacted. They cross boundaries for those who love good music.

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