Home Sweet Home

Greetings from my living room couch! I got back yesterday after a mere thirteen hours’ travelling: I woke up in Costa Rica, flew to Houston, and then finally connected on to Calgary. I was absolutely not surprised that my luggage didn’t join me for the final leg of the journey; apparently the TSA loves searching suitcases that are coming from Costa Rica, Colombia, or Venezuela, so the fact that mine had been in all three countries would’ve had them thinking it was Christmas in March. I got it back late this afternoon–intact, as far as I can tell–and I’ll eventually begin the arduous task of unpacking and re-organizing my life.

But that’s for later; for now, I’m enjoying the couch, the fire, and watching the Leafs for the first time in three weeks while trying not to think about this week’s I Mother Earth reunion concerts in Toronto. This was a good trip–they usually are–but by the end I was dying for it to be over. Remember in November, when I was so excited about coming home I literally couldn’t sleep my last night in the Caymans? It was kind of like that, minus the insomnia. I’m starting to like feeling grounded. There’s something to be said for having a home life, for having a routine that’s yours and that doesn’t include hotel rooms or airport waiting lounges. By next week I’ll be champing at the bit and ready to leave again, and I’ll do that April 6 (Toronto, Ottawa, and D.C. ho!). But I’ll worry about that later. For now it’s good to be home.

Final update to come later this weekend.


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