Andean Weekend

Greetings from Lima! We landed here this morning and walked into an absolute mob scene: our arrival coincided with that of a Korean boy band called JYJ, and the terminal of the Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez roughly resembled an Andean reenactment of JFK when the Beatles first landed in America. (There are some great pictures to follow.) From there it was on to our hotel and then straight to the rooftop pool (I’ll remind you that it’s Saturday; also, I’ve been awake since 2:35 Brazilian time, which is 12:35 Peruvian/Eastern time, and the upshot of all that is that I earned this day off, dammit!). Our original plan for tomorrow called for a visit to an Incan ruin; that’s been nixed, apparently due to weather, but no one will complain if tomorrow ends up being a reprise of today. The real insanity starts Tuesday, when we wake up in Peru, go to bed in Ecuador…and work in Colombia. Good times! Again, this information’s meant to underscore the point that we’ve earned at least a little bit of downtown…right?

Right. More updates tomorrow! First things first, though: a 10k run through an olive grove. It’s a strange life; glad it’s me who gets to live it.


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