Brasilia and Bruce

I’m listening to the new Bruce Springsteen album for the first time, in a hotel room in Brazil’s capital city Brasilia. I doubt I could’ve envisioned my present reality three years ago, when I fell asleep while giving Working on a Dream its inaugural listen, but here we are: I’m underneath the covers in a king-sized bed with the lights off and “Jack of All Trades” playing through my earbuds. It’s a good life. And it’s a bit of a weird one.

I’d been to Brasilia a couple years ago when our group flew in from Sao Paulo, visited a school, toured the city, and then flew back. This year we checked into a hotel, which is actually more like a compound; it’s also one of the more unique places I’ve stayed, partly because there’s a giant zeppelin-like structure hanging over the lobby area. We’re technically staying two nights; I say “technically” because my alarm’s set for 2:40 tomorrow morning (it’s 8:36pm right now…hey, that’s six hours from now!) and I’ll be on a flight bound for Lima before sunrise. These are the less-glamourous aspects of what I do. Among the more glamourous ones: eating dinner at a restaurant abutting the Pacific Ocean, which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow night. Again: it’s a good life. It’s just a bit difficult wrapping my head around it sometimes.

More this weekend! Boa noite!


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