Bruce in Buffalo

It’s been an eventful morning. I was up at 5, showered, dressed, and out the door by 5:15…and back in the house by 5:20 after the Mirthmobile’s battery once again died. I was on my way to a pub called the Winkin Owl to watch the Liverpool/Manchester United F.A. Cup fourth-round tie; instead I watched it from home, and after Dirk Kuyt scored in the 88th minute to give Liverpool a barely-deserved victory I moved on to my next task: getting tickets for Bruce Springsteen in Buffalo. Alas, I’d never really dealt with till today–but after spending almost two hours getting through it’ll be a long time before I complain about Ticketmaster again. I had two browsers locked inside virtual waiting rooms; in the end I got the tickets over the phone, something I can’t remember doing since getting Heppler his Thunder Bay Pearl Jam tickets in 2005, but by the time I finally got through the “best available” seats were in the back corner of the upper bowl. Whatever: we’re in the building and have at least a little leverage for the upgrade game (and our seats were cheap: $36 apiece). In the meantime, here’s the lead single from Springsteen’s forthcoming album Wrecking Ball, due out March 6. That’s, uh, quite the overt Arcade Fire influence there, Boss! See you April 13.


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