Back from Mars, Off to Latin America

I Mother Earth finally announced a kind-of-reunion, which for now appears limited to a single show and a blog by guitarist Jag Tanna that pays no obvious concessions to editing or proper grammar (but which is also a lot more informative than the typical band interaction with its fanbase). The show is March 23 at the Sound Academy in Toronto…and I won’t be there, because I’ll once again be spending March in South and Central America! This year’s itinerary recalls the delightful chaos of 2010 and includes, among other things, a first-ever visit to Venezuela, a potential side trip to Rio de Janeiro, and at least two 3am wake-up calls:

  • March ???: to Brazil (either Rio or Sao Paulo)
  • March 7 & 8: Sao Paulo
  • March 8-10: Brasilia
  • March 10-13: Lima
  • March 13-15: Quito (Michael? Alana?)
  • March 15-17: Caracas
  • March 17-20: Guatemala City
  • March 20-22: San Jose, CR

And then, who knows? I won’t be chasing the Claw again this year, but a plan is in the works to spend a week on a beach in Costa Rica. Remind me about this if I ever complain about my job ever again.


5 thoughts on “Back from Mars, Off to Latin America

  1. You're coming back! Can I be a big expat pain in the ass and send a few things to your place to bring down for us? (mainly something that I accidentally shipped to Vancouver instead of Oakville, and has been re-routed to Edmonton)???

    Oh, and dinners will be a must, of course.

  2. Nothing bulky or heavy, I promise. I accidentally shipped a paper-based baby thing to Vancouver a few weeks ago and it's en route to Edmonton now. So, I was just thinking I could ask MJ's Dad to forward it down to you in Calgary… you ok with that?

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