O Hai Port of Spain

Greetings, after fourteen hours of travelling, from the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. You should see my room! I just ate $60 sushi – it was nice knowing you, per diem! – and now I’m unpacking and watching what I hope is the last World Series game. (Of the year, I mean – not the last World Series game ever.) A few quick points as I unwind:

  • I like Houston’s airport – henceforth referred to in Stuff and Nonsense as GEORGE BUSH INTERCONTINENTAL AIRPORT – but I hate landing there: it’s seldom smooth, usually bumpy, occasionally stomach-churningly so. Today was stomach-churning. I have no idea why this is the case.
  • I decided to save Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for later and instead started reading Christopher McDougall’s book Born to Run – which is sensational. Review to follow!
  • During the first flight I gave the new Tom Waits album Bad As Me its inaugural spin (or “spin,” since I was obviously listening to a digital copy; I don’t haul a turntable onto international flights). I liked it, but it’ll take more than a solitary listen to formulate any real sort of opinion. I still have about thirty-four hours of flying left to do, so there will be ample opportunity for that.
  • I’m on a major Nightmatchman kick. Tom Morello’s solo project’s newest release is brilliantly good. It’s called World Wide Rebel Songs, and while it was written and released in 2011 there’s a timeless quality to the music and to Morello’s voice (which isn’t great, but which serves the music admirably). Well worth investigating.

Here’s to a great trip! I took some great shots during the flight from Houston to Port of Spain; I’ll try posting them later (kind of depends on figuring out the hotel’s wireless – I’m plugged in right now). Till then.


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